It's time to renew

When you already have a mortgage, and the term of that mortgage ends within the next 120 days, it’s time to secure your renewal. Do not make the mistake of signing your bank’s renewal offer without considering your options. Let us shop around and get the best product, service, and rates to suit your new financial situation. Even if the best decision is to stay with your current lender, we can often get you better rates than what they may have offered.

Doing your diligence in shopping for the best rate is just as important now as it was when you originally got your mortgage. Getting the lowest rate, best product, and best service can save you thousands.



How Taurus will help

By contacting Taurus and letting us shop, negotiate, and do the work for you; we can secure you the best rates in the market. Also, we can guarantee you the rate 120 days prior to your renewal date. This means if rates rise at any time in the 120 days prior to the end of your current term, you will get the lowest rate. Again, this could potentially save you thousands.

We do the work, we use our knowledge and experience, and we charge you nothing. Let us help; it’s what we do.