What is a switch?

A switch is moving your mortgage from one lender to another in order to find the best service and mortgage solution. Most consumers do so in order to take advantage of lower interest rates and/or better mortgage terms and service that compliment their personal financial situation. If you’re wondering whether your current mortgage and lender are best for you, you are not alone.

My current mortgage is coming up for renewal

If you’re within 120 days or less of your renewal date, your current lender may have already sent you a renewal offer. Whether they have or not, and before signing anything, give us a call and let us show you if a better deal is out there. Chances are, there is one, and we can get it for you. When keeping the same mortgage amount and amortization, there will normally be no cost to you from a new or previous lender, and as always, you will pay nothing for the service from us. A better mortgage awaits.

My mortgage is in mid-term

Given the right timing, a switch can save you a lot of money and headaches. However it may not always be the best option. That’s where we come in. By contacting Taurus, we will crunch the numbers, identify the costs and savings involved, simplify the process, and provide clear solutions that make sense. Even if that solution is to stay with your current lender. Give us a call and let us help, as always, at no cost or obligation to you.